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There are many grading companies out there for Pokemon cards. But let's say you want to grade a Pokemon card in Korean / Hangul. Which company is best to submit your cards to? Over the years, I have submitted Pokemon cards in various languages to PSA, BGS and CGC and they all capable of grading cards in different languages - Korean included.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the card quality of certain languages affect the outcome of the grade. For example, Korean and English Pokemon cards overall have lower quality card stock and quality control when compared to Pokemon cards printed on Japanese card stock (including Japanese & Chinese language cards). Consequently, it is harder for Korean and English Pokemon cards to receive high grades than it is for Pokemon cards printed in Japan. I have seen this from my own experience and certainly from others in the Pokemon community who have graded cards in various languages. Korean Pokemon cards in particular tend to have many print lines, moreso than Japanese printed cards, and texture errors which will unfortunately bring down the final grade. I've gotten 10s less often with Korean cards compared to the other Asian languages - so please keep your expectations low.

I also highly recommend being very careful when submitting cards in different languages to all three grading companies mentioned earlier (PSA, BGS & CGC) since mistakes can occur on the slab labels. Be sure to double check the language of the cards you are submitting and the set or event where the card comes from (since this will be what appears on your slabs). I've seen many graded cards, by all three companies, labelled with the wrong language or even the wrong set or event name. Sometimes the fault lies on the submitter, at other times the grading company. I've had graded cards return to me with the wrong language on the label despite having the correct language on my submission form. This experience in particular happened to be with CGC...   

When it comes to selecting the best company to grade with, that all depends on your preferences. If you want to increase your chances of getting a 10 without having a card with precise centering, stick with PSA. If you want to aim for that black label or pristine 10 grade for a higher valued slab, choose BGS and CGC. Of course, each company has their perks and flaws. But when grading cards in different languages, there's really no limit in 2024. Back in 2020, I would've just recommended CGC since they were the only company that were grading Pokemon cards in languages other than English and Japanese. Eventually, PSA and BGS began grading more languages of Pokemon cards as they gained more popularity among collectors.  

Even if you happen to submit the very first Pokemon card that isn't found in the grading company's card library, that's okay. Just be as descriptive as possible when filling out the submission form by indicating the correct name, language, set/event/campaign name and numbering of the card. Please use a translator if you're unsure of the language. Depending on the company, most likely they will grade the card for you and add that card to their roster. If the company truly cannot grade the card, they will likely send it back to you ungraded (be sure to check the company's terms of service).

Hope this helps and happy grading :)

Article written by: KrystalKollectz 

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