Pikachu Taipei Promo is causing confusion

Chinese Pokemon Cards have become very popular amongst collectors in the West. However, it seems that certain people (and even grading companies) are getting "Traditional Chinese" mixed up with "Simplified Chinese". It's important to know that the Chinese text is read differently between the people of China vs. those in Taiwan and Hong Kong, hence why Pokemon print two different languages of Chinese Pokemon cards. People residing in China typically read text in Simplified Chinese whereas those living in Hong Kong and Taiwan will typically read text in Traditional Chinese. It's similar to how Americans spell the word "color" differently from the British, who spell this word as "colour." There are language text variances between the two, just like between China and Taiwan/Hong Kong.

The differences between Simplified and Traditional Chinese are stated in the name - one has simpler characters/text than the other. China has made this modification from traditional to simplified Chinese to reduce education barriers starting in the late 1940s - allowing more of it's residents to learn the language, find better jobs and overall improve the Chinese economy. 

With this being said, this Pikachu promo released in December 2023 to celebrate the Taipei Pokemon Center Opening. Because this promo released in Taiwan, not China, it is printed in the Traditional Chinese language. It's very important to know the differences between Tradition vs Simplified Pokemon cards since they do not share the same set releases. Traditional Chinese Pokemon card products restarted in 2019 after taking a hiatus since "EX Legend Maker - 2006". During that time Traditional Chinese Pokemon Cards were officially printed within the United States. Nowadays, both Traditional & Simplified Chinese releases are printed within Japan and will therefore share the same quality as Japanese Pokemon Cards. 

Pokemon - EX Legend Maker - 2006

But how was the Taipei Pikachu Promo Card obtained?
The Promo Card was given out for free with any in-store purchase from the Pokemon Center Taipei starting on December 8th 2023 until supplies lasted.
The Artwork on the Card is illustrated by Japanese Artist REOspikee | Twitter.com/REO_spikee 

Pokemon Taipei, Taiwan Store Opening Artwork by: REOspikee

Exclusive Official Pokemon Merchandise was available ranging from Plushies, Key-Chains, Pins & More. 

Pokemon Center Taipei, Taiwan 
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi Place A11 3F
No. 11, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110

To learn more about Chinese Pokemon Cards, please see my recent Youtube unboxing video below:

Article Written by: KrystalKollectz 
Date: February  13th 2024 


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